Kalendrar: Olika slags religiösa kalendrar, kalendrar som visar himmelsfenomen etc.


Bahai holidays 2023-2024 Observed in Canada (maybe different in other countries)

Buddhist holidays 2023 Calenderlabs

Christian holidays 2023 Calenderlabs

Equinoxes and solstices

Full moon

Holidays and Observances Around the World Please observe - not all mentioned in the calender are religious holidays!

Hindu Festivals yearly in India

Interfaith calendar

Islam holidays 2023 Calenderlabs

Jewish holidays 2023 Chabad

Jewish holidays explained

Månens lägen Kalender-365

Naturens Kalender

Sikh holidays 2023 Calenderlabs

Sikh holidays Wiki

The Pleiades

Timekeeping with the Pleiades in ancient cultures (PDF)

Zoroastrian Religious Calendar 2023 Zoroastrian archives


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