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"Ceasar's wife must be above suscpicion"

Ötzi - ismannen

1.4-Million-Year-Old Stone Tools Found in Ukraine Document Earliest Hominin Occupation of Europe

10 inventions from Han dynasty

10,000-year-old burials from unknown hunter-gatherers São Luís, Maranhão state, Brazil

10,000-Year-Old Figurines Discovered in Jordan

11,000-Year-Old Human Remains in British Cave

12 000 year old Indonesian bling

120 000 year old footprints in Saudi

13th Legion was here

14th-century B.C.E. opium vessels in Middle East grave

153 000-Year-Old Homo sapiens Footprint Discovered in South Africa

18th dynasty tomb

1st Nations copper mining 6000 years ago

2 000 years old Chordophone found in Vietnam

2 200-Year-Old Flush Toilet Found in China Harappa/Mohenjo Daro and Minoan sanitation systems must be older?

2,000 year old mummified sleeping beauty dressed in silk emerges from Siberian reservoir

2,9 millon year-old Butchery site, Lake Victoria

20 Greatest Archaeological Discoveries of 2023

200 000-year-old hand axe in the northern part of Saudi Arabia

2000 year old childrens shoe

2000 years old Orkney womans diet Lots of fish

25 Cultures That Practiced Human Sacrifice

26 000 years old artwork from Indonesian area (The buffalo and the sun/birds eye - interesting)

3 000 year old Alutiiq weaving

3 000-year-old canoe in Lake Mendota

300 - ovanligt idiotisk historisk film En fascistfilm utan historiska fakta - Spartanerna 'räddade' inte västvärlden från perserna. Aten där alla fick vara med och bestämma var räddaren. Aten hade mycket bättre vetenskaplig utveckling eftersom alla människor tilläts existera i deras samhälle inte bara en massa dumskallar som krigade. Därför hade Aten triremmar och kunde slå tillbaks Persernas flotta.

300 000 year old remnants of stone tool care in Schöningen

3000 years old calving ground for Cariboo deer

4 300-year-old copper ingots in Oman

40 000 year old stone bracelet

417 Mayan cities

4320 years ago a lot of Indians moved from India in the direction south east Who were they and why did they move?

45 000 year old bones in a cave in central Europe Is this a surprise really? Don't we already know the forefathers followed the herds?

45 000 year old female face

4500 year old Sun temple found in Egypt

5 400-year-old tomb discovered in Spain perfectly captures the summer solstice

5 obscure mummies Stefan (Funnybones) Milo

50 000 year old needle from Siberia (Made by Denisovans!)

5000 year old ruins next to the Sanxingdui Ruins

5000 years old Rakhi Garhi Jewellery factory Luxury export to Mesopotamia??

5500 years old Stone Burial Chamber Sweden, Falkoeping, Tiarp Oldest stone burial chamber in Scandinavia

57 000-Year-Old Neanderthal Engravings Discovered in France

6 600 years old sandal and tools in Cave of the Bats, in Andalusia, south-west Spain

6000 year old Aboriginal Aquaculture Farm

6500 years old cultic site near Carlisle. People used red ochre - maybe to adorn themselves

7000 year old Mustatil with animal bones and human remains. Burial and sacrifice?

7000 year old teenage hunter-gatherer from Wallacea

8 600 year old bread from Çatalhöyük

8 historical trade routes of some importance

8500 years old Honey Bee Farming (The Human Hunt for Carbohydrates is Very Very Old - surelely older than 8500 years ago)

900 years of drought Indus Valley Civ.

A 3 300-year-old tablet found at Büklükale from Hittite Empire describes catastrophic invasion of four cities

A 4 000-year record of climate and war in China

A B C ...

A Burial practice

A Burial practice

A day in the life of a neolithic woman

A day in the life of an imperial concubine

A family stroll along the beach 106 000 years ago

A Hittite Version of the Trojan War?

A life in ruins

A Neanderthal-installation in a cave

A Nymphaeum in Perperikon, southern Bulgaria

A piece of tobacco history

A seal could suggest trade also, couldn't it?

A Silla-princess?

A Stonehenge in Netherlands

A Timeline of Stone Age Technology

A toilet worthy of a king King David maybe?

A tsunami-victim from the time of the Thera volcano eruption

A VERY brief history of France Local Histories

Aboriginal people made pottery, sailed to distant islands thousands of years before Europeans arrived

Aboriginal Rock Art

About a cave in Timor and the implication of the discovery

About king Shulgi

Abraham and Sara - Hagar and Ishmael

Acosta (CNN) gets mad

Addictions and the ancient man

Adieu les cons

African Archeology - the latest

African cattle herding - mapping of ancient routes and movements Great study!

African Fossils

African History

African history with Zeinab Badawi Episode 5 - The Rise Of Aksum

African history with Zeinab Badawi Episode 1

Africa's earliest burial

Aggsbach's paleolithic blog

Aghitu-3 sediment - plants of interest More important research than one would believe

Agricultural innovations from Tibet/Tibetan Plateau to China in ancient times

Agricultures beginning - the beginning of unequal diet? Trofé wives? (We all now that trofé don't eat so much)

Ah - A Psychopomp! A Guider of Souls Depicted 8000 years ago in a Turkish Cave. So excitingly Wonderful

AHA - Nazca lines = Pilgrimage Routes

Ain Dara

Ainabulak-Temirsu necropolis

Akha Headdress Symbols of Female Role and Identity (Maybe in rite de passage)

Alaskan petroglyphs

Aleppo History with Cy

Alexander Jannaeus/Jonathan

Alexander the greats father changed the logistics for the Macedonian/Greek army in an innovative way. So Alexander could conquer the world (Kings and Generals)

Alexander was here ; )

All along the watchtower...

All roads lead to Rome...

All you need is love Original


Alor island During 40 000 year

Altai Culture

Altai grains - very old

Altered reality - by the use of drugs Religious ceremonies? Rituals to contact spirit animals, the dead, rites of passage? etc...?

Alternative History weirdos Ignore them!

Altóir na Gréine


Amazigh (Berber) forefathers of the Scandinavians?

Amazon rice farming 4000 years ago

Amazonia ancient structures

Amazonian rock art


'Amazons in Ukraine'

Ambopteryx longibrachium

Amesbury Archer - DNA Bronze age - Funnel Beaker

Amphorae — antiquity's packaging

An Amorite travel dictionary

An ancient feast that the partygoers missed we will now learn a lot about these cooking methods

An Echo-message from the ancients Do not kill the monster and cut down his jungle of trees - then the wonderful animal sounds will grow silent

An Indian Tribe's Mountain visited during 9000 years

Analysis of the Giant Hats

Anatolian ancestry for the Minoans (via Greece)


Ancestor Worship of the Chamorro people

Ancestors of Chinese, Vietnamese and… Pacific Islanders? Baiyue people

Ancient Aboriginal Memory Tool

Ancient Albanian City

Ancient Amazonian farmers fortified valuable land

Ancient American Archeology Nathanael Fosaaen

Ancient Animation

Ancient Asian Seafarers

Ancient Astromap in Italy

Ancient Australian myth tells about change in geography

Ancient baboons mummified in Egypt

Ancient baby bottles

Ancient baby burial

Ancient Bacteria in the Human Gut

Ancient Balkan Makeup Lasinja hunter-gatherer people

Ancient boat from Uruk 'Make for yourself an ark of gopher wood; you shall make the ark with rooms, and shall cover it inside and out with pitch' (

Ancient bones and the stone age diet in Iberia

Ancient booze

Ancient breeches

Ancient Britain's artificial party islands

Ancient Burial Practices in Tamil Nadu, Keeladi

Ancient Burmese Curses

Ancient campfire

Ancient China - human sacrifice

Ancient Chinese gold funeral mask

Ancient Chinese Horse paintings

Ancient Chinese rituals

Ancient Chinese tombs

Ancient cist grave found in Wales

Ancient collection of shells Culturalization of the human body

Ancient contract

Ancient Curry

Ancient Cyprus during the Bronze and Early Iron Age History with Cy

Ancient Czech beer

Ancient ditch

Ancient drinking straws

Ancient drowned cultural landscapes in northwest Australia full of artefacts

Ancient dutch drug - black henbane ; )

Ancient Egyptian enbalming techniques

Ancient egyptian garden

Ancient Egyptian spiral bread Max

Ancient Egyptian Sun-temple

Ancient elite burial ground Roman

Ancient Equadorian Culture

Ancient fox burial

Ancient fruit-baskets

Ancient geometry

Ancient GPS

Ancient Greek ship in Black Sea

Ancient grinding stones in herder environment Nefud Desert

Ancient horse-saddle

Ancient Human

Ancient Human Sacrifice Maybe it's a warrior cult?

Ancient humans and fire

Ancient hunting tools found in Cueva del Tesoro

Ancient Indus Civilizations Rice-farming must have added to surplus More People/Denser Population/More Trade?

Ancient industry of Keezhadi

Ancient Inscription about Unknown God in Yemen Maybe it's a title and not the gods name, like 'The Star Greatly Beloved By All'

Ancient languages in the computer

Ancient Lethal Weapons Forefathers were smart!

Ancient lion hunting

Ancient lunar calendars

Ancient Makeup

Ancient makeup

Ancient man and social networking

Ancient man in South-America 18 000 years ago

Ancient Mancala game boards carved into rocks Kenya

Ancient Mass Migration caused by Climate Change in inner Mongolia

Ancient massacre

Ancient Maya cities and Mercury pollution

Ancient Mesopotamias Donkey cavalry

Ancient native americans urban centers

Ancient Needles

Ancient North-western Australia

Ancient Observatory on Mount Tlaloc

Ancient obsidian mining in Canada

Ancient Peruan Water Supply System

Ancient pit house in Shuswap territory

Ancient Pizza

Ancient police

Ancient portable loos

Ancient Post-Office

Ancient proof of child labour

Ancient Puppy

Ancient qanats in Diyala Iraq

Ancient rebellion at Thmouis (with ceveral other cities)

Ancient reed mat

Ancient road ladders

Ancient roasted starchy plants

Ancient Rock Art in Iran

Ancient Rock Art in Patagonia

Ancient rock art in the Amazon forest

Ancient Roman Festival calendar

Ancient Roman festivals from Parentalia to Feralia (february-march)

Ancient Roman Food Processor ; )

Ancient Roman law

Ancient Romeo and Juliet How Sad

Ancient Rope-maker

Ancient ropemaking

Ancient routes for the dead into the afterlife, or?

Ancient Saharan Rock painting of Cattle Corral The myth that the picture depicts is unknown

Ancient Scoreboard

Ancient shipyard

Ancient shoeprint?

Ancient Shu civilization - relics

Ancient Siberian Burial Most interesting

Ancient Siberian fortresses

Ancient Sicilian Trade

Ancient Sites Girl

Ancient Smoke absorbing Lamp

Ancient stingray sculpture

Ancient structure from the Stroke-ornamented ware culture

Ancient sustainable -management of salmon fishery

Ancient sweat lodge

Ancient tailors

Ancient Taiwanese

Ancient tattoos with barbary sheeps Herding culture?

Ancient Tibetan rock-art

Ancient tools in Maryland

Ancient toy?

Ancient trade network connecting the Arctic to the outside world

Ancient trade networks Europe-Asia

Ancient Trade of Ur

Ancient Trade routes - Prehistoric African Civilization--East Asia

Ancient Trading Post in India

Ancient Trigonometric Table Plimpton 322

Ancient urban water system

Ancient Water Technology in Tian Shan Mountains (There's something similar in North Africa too)

Ancient wealth gap

Ancient wealthy society (Malta)

Ancient wheat flour

Ancient viagra

Ancient Vietnamese trading network

Ancient vine Abydos

Angkor Vat empire

Anglo-Saxon pottery in Suffolk

Anisa Tablet

Antikythera Thought it was made to calculate the olympic games - wasn't it so?

Antikythera Mechanism

Antique fridge

APAAME Aerial Photographic Archive for Archeology in the Middle East


Aquifer of ancient Sahara Didn't this techique start further east than Persia? In Tocharian-country?

Araña Caves (8000 years old painting)

Archaeological research on social inequality

Archaeologists discover 4 000-year-old temple in western Peru

Archaeologists discover ancient Mayan board game - and the magic circle

Archeology in Palawan Island Caves (Philippines)

Ardipithecus ramidus

Are you sure it's not part of a warning system?

Are you sure it was Ceasar who burned down the library of Alexandria? It's such an extraordinary stupid thing to do!

Are you sure it's not a woman giving birth?

Are you sure the weapons weren't for hunting, then?

Aren't you Afro/Euro-centric now? Pottery was invented in China!

Arkaisk och hybridisering är rätt svårt att fatta eller är det så ni vill ha det att ingen förstår? Varför inte skriva hela artikeln på latin i så fall så fattar ingen någonting....

Arkalochori cave

Arkivet på havets botten

Armintze Cave

Arrow in the ice



Art and the Neanderthals

Art before modern humans...?

Artists of the Dark Zone

Asarcik Tepe

Asian migration and Yersinia pestis

Asikli Höyuk and the first mining products

Asko Parpola discusses the Indus Script (Introduction) The Harappa webbsite

Asko Parpola is old and frail when he finally speaks (on Youtube) about the Indus Script - still it is VERY INTERESTING! Curtsey of Singapore Tamil Centre

Asko Parpola on the Indus script


Asphendou Cave


At 600 bce came trading routes from India to middle east

Athenian Democracy - Solon and Cleisthenes


Augustus villa ?

Aurignacian art

Australasian genetic influence in South America

Australian Aboriginal Foodways

Australian Aboriginal Male Haplogroup what about the mtdna?

Axturra Cave Paintings (from the time when the ice age ended in Europe)

Baba Yagas Stilt house in the Swiss mountains close to the White Lady (Mont blanc) ; )

Baboons from Punt

Bac Kan cave


Bagdad Battery encore - story's been on repete since Däniken days

Baghdad batteries

Bai Soi:s Phung Nguyen culture remnants

Balangoda Human

Ban Chiang kom som en överraskning för forskarna


Basur Höyük

Basur Höyük

Batteriets historia - bl.a. dess ursprung hos de underbart tekniskt kunniga Kaldéerna

Battle of Leuctra broke Sparta - they would never be the same again

Bavarian Bronze-age Sword

Bazira city archeology

Beads in Indus valley civilization

Beaker Phenomenon

Bear or moose...

Bear paw in the stone age tomb

Bear, for sure


Before Agamemnon - interesting warrior grave

Bell beaker burial in Luxemburg Lots of interesting connections...

Bell-beaker holy circle (?) walls found in spain 2600-2300 before year 0

Bering land bridge - two passable time windows




Betydelsen av Kaurisnäckor i den globala handelns tidiga historia

Beware of These Words

Bialowieza Forest

Bicun site Google-translated from Chinese

Big game hunting - VERY early

Big Game Hunting 3,4 million years ago Humans must have been smart before they started hunting big game

Birdmen of Koutroulou Magoula

Birds and Humans

Blackfoot Confederacy lineage Findings of Dorothy First Rider et al

Blekinge Museum

Blick Mead

Blinker wall

Blue Lotus was ancient Viagra - for example - for the Egyptians

Blå Jungfruns magic is stone age religion

Boab tree art

Boat coffins from slightly before The Warring States-period (China)

Body Piercing in Siberia 3000 Before Year Zero

Bog Body

Bogs, bones and bodies: the deposition of human remains in northern European mires (9000 BC–AD 1900) Water - maybe the portal to the otherworld?

Boncuklu Tarla

Bones of El Mirón Cave

Boring truth of the Library of Alexandria

Bouldnor cliff

Brazil’s Early Populations

Bronsåldern - hällristningar och gudar

Bronze Age British chieftain burial

Bronze age burial mounds near Stonehenge

Bronze Age Europe and the Horned Helmets Dan Davis History

Bronze age horned helmets (NOT mostly from Scandinavia!)

Bronze age ice skates found in China

Bronze Age Industrialization (with consequenses) in what now is the country of Jordan

Bronze Age long-distance connections: Baltic amber in Aššur

Bronze age map of Finistère

Bronze age pathways in ancient Saudi

Bronze Age Plague in Europe

Bronze Age settlement by the Schulgässli road, Heimberg, Switzerland

Bronze age spearhead - Cotswold, UK

Bronze age swords from Mycenaean palace period

Bronze Age treasure found by Monty Good boy, Monty!

Bronze Age treasure, from Spain, contains items made of meteorite iron

Bronze-age Slovak grave Nitra culture

Buddhist History

Bull Geoglyph 2000 BC - southern Siberia

Buran Kaya III and the Gravettian culture

Burial cave from 1213 BCE in Canaan

Burials at Salango

But those who live outside of Africa are the descendants of those who emigrated through the place that is now Yemen? Or?

Butchers knife - NOT a status symbol!

Büklükale excavations shows Cimmerian roots (Anatolia)


Caananites from the Zagros mountains


Caecilius Iucundus house A virtual tour

Cahokian culture


Cairo was the new Memphis

Calendar/Starcharts etc...?

Calusas oyster harvesting

Cannabis originated in China

Canopic Jars, about

Cao Cao

Capitoleum (sponsrat av Microsoft)

Cappadocias underground ciy


Carnival history

Carpatian Gold Belt

Carving of ball game court and ritual blood letting (Ancient Mexico)

Casas Grandes

Caspian sea. Seafaring and shells (Middle Holocene)

Castle Rock Pueblo

Cat killing a serpent

Cat migration

Cat of Sayburç

Catal Höyuk and Göbekli Tepe PICTURES There is an evil pig also on one of the ancestor columns

Catal Höyuk was a gender equal society 'ruled' by the elders

Çatalhöyük: Skull trepanation - 9000 years old

Cat's, mice and human grain storage in history

Cattle in Acacus Mountains 7000 B.C. The myth that the picture depicts is unknown

Cave Art of Sulawesi

Cave hand paintings and sign language Sign language, like hunters and soldiers do, much more probable than mutilation of hands!

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Cave of Swimmers

Cave of the Jaguar God

Cave of the Parents (Isis, Osiris and Horus?)

Caveart and the stars


Çayönü Hill

Ceasar and Pompey Their power would not have been so great if the power elite hadn't taken som much resources from the poor (leading to civilian unrest and squabbling in the power elite)

Ceasar marches on Rome (Historia Civilis - good site)

Ceasar's divorce

Ceasars huvud i Arles slängdes i floden av konspiratörernas medlöpare

Ceasars picket fence

Celtic statuette

Celtic village in Munich suburb

Cenieh - research publications

Central Asian Genetic History

Central European Prehistory - very important

Central-Asian ball-games older than we think

Chagyrskaya Cave

Cham Facts and details'

Change in human culture 50 000 years ago


Chauvet Pont d'Arc

Chavin de Huantar


Chelmno burial objects (Bronze age)

Chengdu ruins

Chez Siduri (the barmaid from the Epic of Gilgamesh)

Chichen Itza: New area discovered at Mexican historic site

Chickens were widely raised across southern Central Asia from 400 BCE

Child and wolf companions in afterlife

Children's Archaeology Book Despite the unabashed self-promotion I'm gonna buy the book ;). It seems very interesting

Chimpanserna har använt stenar som verktyg jättelänge


China 7000 BCE (Before Common Era)

China and the flood

Chinchorro people mummifying their dead 7 000 years ago

Chinese (and Mongolian) early agriculture history

Chinese Bamboo Annals documented Auroras ca 3,000 years ago

Chinese Boat Coffins

Chinese Bronze Age Sun Altar

Chinese food 4th millenium BCE


Chiquihuite Cave Pre- Pre- Clovis (like VERY old - are you really sure?)

Chrysantemum history

City of the Sun or City of the Gods What's in a name? Sometimes everything...

Class, power and war among the Sumerians

Classical Order of Architecture, About

Climate and ancient human migration

Climate change in the Early Holocene From an island in lake Onega

Climate change led to conflict and violence

Climate change, elites, non-elites and soocietal change

Close historic link between India and Bali

Clothing revolution

Cloud people still there in the DNA

Clovis hunting gear

Clovis People hunting the Mastodon

Coa Valley

Coal of Jirentaigoukou

Coastal ereosion on an unwanted place Not so good

Coastal survival


Cognitive differences? Wonder if that's it...

Collective forms of governance, infrastructural investments, and collaboration all help societies last longer

Colonisation of East and West Eurasia was characterised by several events of expansion and local extinction from a population Hub, where the ancestors of all Eurasians thrived after they first ventured out of Africa ~70-60 thousand years ago

Comet and Agriculture - Abu Hureyra Somehow it reminds me of Däniken... But maybe it's true the whole story.

Comet that struck earth 10 950 B C ? How do you know all this? Seems like a hastily put together theory

Common Hunting Ground

Communal effort - water pipes in neolithic China

Communicating with the gods during the bronze age via WATER

Complex evolution of homo sapiens Milo

Concept of Cosmos in the world of Stonehenge (British Museum lectures)

Confucius lived around 500 bc when so many other of the great religious and philosophical thinkers lived

Confucius Mirror

Connection between emerging cities and early farming (growing of crops)

Connection between Weather and War

Connection between west Wales and Stonehenge

Cooper's Ferry (Nipéhe) is pre-Clovis (people came down the Pacific Coast and entered Columbia River)

Copper & Cultural Connections in Africa 5th to 20th century

Copper Age Explained Epimetheus

Copper age warriors in Italy

Copper dagger (4 000 year old) in Jaroslaw forrest

Copper from Magan

Corded Ware Culture

Costa Rica Diquis

Could it be trade network symbols?

Could this place be where the Natufians started?

Cova dels Xaragalls / Cave of the Ravines 7000 years old burials

Crash Course World History Very funny, very well structured - great ideas

Create your own Andean empire

Cromlech of the Almendres (in Portugal)

Crushing animal bones with stone balls - ancient method

Cult lamp

Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative

Curse of Pharao?

Cybele followers

Cyclades in Bronze Age History with Cy

Cylon of Athens


Cyprus Akamas peninsula excavation


Daily Life In Ancient Greece

Dancing man Trade Network?

Darius the Great

Dark Secrets of the Royal Cemetery of Ur

Dating of Earlier Second Millennium BCE Mesopotamian Chronology by use of Tree-Ring-Radiocarbon

Dating pottery by dating fatty acids

Datumet för Stonehenge klart: 2 300 f.kr.

Dawn of human information sharing

De allra tuffaste killarnas gravplats (heder och respekt verkar viktigt)

Death of an amber tradesman

Decline of the great Library of Alexandria


Deer Mask For the Shaman?

Delphic Philosophy

Dementia in ancient Greece didn't exist


Demokritos och atomen

Den armeniska skon är verkligen oerhört intressant

Den kemiska signaturen i Hudson Bay

Den stora frågan: Lian eller fasta marken - vilket fick oss att gå upprätt?

Den stora moderns relation till katter

Denisova painting tool

Denisovan DNA found in sediments of Baishiya Karst Cave on Tibetan Plateau

Denisovans and Homo Sapiens Sapiens

Denisovans on the Tibetan plateau

Dental enamel study suggests differences in Neanderthal and Paleolithic human childhood stress

Depiction of mythical Aztec universe

Der Vorfahr Familjen bodde kvar 5000 år på samma plats

Desert kites

Det fenikiska arvet

Det grekiska antika symposiet funkade så här

Det kanske var shaman(er)?

Dhi Qar


Did Polynesians Reach America? Milo

Did the Mohenjo-Daro people bring the Dingo?


Dilmun Cy

Dilmun myth


Dingqiong cave

Dinosaur embryo

Dinosaurs - existed or not? Maybe one shouldnt joke about confused people that's been brainwashed?


Disappearing pig

Distance communication between different Middle Stone Age tribes/groups

Division of Labor 45.000 years ago

Djibouti's rock art

DNA from archaeological remains shows that immigration to Scandinavia was exceptional during the Viking period

DNA from Hazleton North long cairn

DNA in Western Europe before and after the Last Glacial Maximum

DNA study - European stone age

Dogs in America

Dolmens of Canada Real (in Spain, north of Madrid)

Domesticated chicken came from Malay Peninsula They called it Manuk (maybe one still does in Malaysia?)

Domestication of Wheat in proximity of Gobekli Tepe

Dorset culture

Downs syndrom in Pre-Historic Flores

Dragon City

Drones into the past

Drought and bronze age collapse

Drought destroyed living conditions in the cities of the Indus civilization

Dunchraigaig Cairn

Dunno - can't we just ask Dr Irving Finkel to translate? Don't trust the machines...

Durrington Walls vid Salisbury plain (Centralplatsen för dem som besökte Stonehenge)

Earliest Baltic amber in Western Europe

Earliest Man and the Poisoned Arrow

Earliest Multiplication Formulas Discovered in a 2,300-Year-Old Chinese Tomb

Earliest surgery

Earliest text in Basque language

Early australian trade

Early bronze age tomb found (It seems to be communal - not elite)

Early Buddhist temple in Pakistan (Swat valley)

Early Cycladic and Middle Cycladic settlements

Early dairy production helped Indus Valley Civilization

Early distant trade

Early farmers of Europe didn't eat as much seafood as they should have ; )

Early herding communities used a wide variety of livestock management strategies, study finds 7500 years ago in Cueva de El Toro, Malaga (Must have come from the middle east, or?)

Early Hominids and death rituals (surmised) Milo

Early human migration via Persian plateau

Early humans - not our direct ancestors - out of Africa a bit earlier than believed No reason for all the drama

Early humans and wood splitting

Early Humans Made Animated Art

Early Indonesians

Early iron age mediterranean trade - metal source tracing

Early Life

Early Lunar Calendar At least some people think so

Early Manuscripts Electronic Library

Early North Americans

Early obsidian traders?

Early settlement on Faroe island

Early Upper paleolithic spearthrower points found in site of Maisières-Canal (Belgium)

Earthquake or Occupation - what destroyed the Minoan civilisation?

East Asia's advanced material culture dating to 45,000 years ago


Eco-Cultural Niche Expansion

Economic Growth and Growing Inequality in Times of Empire (Assyrian that is)


Egg for breakfast (47 000 years ago in Australia)

Egyptian magic spells against snake bites

El Argar culture genetic change (Steppe people? Plague?)

El Condor pasa Chavin de Huantar

El Volcan, Peru

Elam, about

Elamite writing

Elite-DNA in the Crannogs

Elk teeth and prominence in Karelia 8 200 years ago

Emain Macha / Navan Fort


Empedokles tankar

Emperor of Rome: the fact & fiction Mary Beard, she's the greatest. No one explains Rome like she does.

Empire of Cotton Indus Valley Civ.

English bronze age houses

Enviroment, human evolution and tolerance of the other

Erlitou Relic Museum

Espíritu Pampa

Eternal fire in the ancient shark hunters temple

Etruscan sacred hot springs



Eurogenes on Haplogroup R1

Europas Neanderthalare kunde ha rött hår precis som Homo Sapiens

Europe’s earliest cities had a predominantly vegetarian diet

European neolithic farmers and milk

Europeans back-migrated to north Africa (Research on Mtdna of Pestera Muierii woman)

Europes least spoken language

Evidence in Ethiopia of a Human Population that Survived the Eruption of the Toba Supervolcano 74 000 Years Ago

Evidence of ice age human migrations from China to the Americas and Japan

Evolution - from gills to a strong jaw

Evolution of the Indo-European Languages

Evolutionary history of the Takahe

Evolutionary Mismatch? Mistake in the reasoning? We've got the brain to compensate for problems with environment...

Excavations, in connection with the building of the Mayatrain railway, gives plentiful results

Experimental Archaeology

Extraordinary Origins of Chess: Irving Finkel & Sushma Jansari

Faces of Skythian elite

Fa-Hien Lena Cave

Falcon god and the head

Fall of civilizations

Family Dingo

Faraos gruvor i Sinai: Turkosgruvor i Maqara/Maghara

Farmers and Foragers

Farmers in Northeast China initial speakers of Japanese Korean Turkish languages OMG this is so exciting!

Farming and fighting in Atacama Desert 1000 B C

Farming, inequality and violence We don't really know if it is connected in this way! Let's not jump to conclusions. It could have been the farmers who sacrificed people for better harvest!

Fascinating Origins of Hominins

Fat of the land

Feasting and mobility in iron age Ireland

Female big game hunter found in Peru (9000 years old)

Female Shaman - buried in Galilee (12000 years ago) It's portrayed as a find 2016 ALSO (for no understandable reason...)

Fight for resources always followed us ...

Fikonen i Gilgal Livets träd?

Finally a sign! The people from the east (Sami or do you say Siberians?)

Finding anemia in ancient bones

Finding in Izmir

Finding Zippalanda would be a dream indeed

Findings concerning Tenth legion of the Strait

Findings in Karahantepe

Findings in Mardin

First Americans Stefan Milo

First beer drinking?

First cities in Mesopotamia - rise in violence You can't be certain - It could have been inequality too. Not just the cities

First Face of America

First farmer and inequality But let's not jump to conclusions yet! We need more proof!

First farmers in Europe - burial culture

First farmers in Near East and Europe Genetics (We knew this already I think)

First native american language

First people in Caribbean

First peopling of Sahul

First Rulers of the Mediterranean National Geographic

First South Americans?

Fiskfett var lika viktigt i vår urtid

Flinttools from Tunel Wielki Cave

Flowers on Red Ladys Grave

Food and human mortality - agricultural vs hunter-gatherer

Footprint beds record Holocene decline in large mammal diversity on the Irish Sea coast of Britain



Footprints in the Cave

For a story to wander around the globe it needs an awful amount of Bards Like the story of the Trojan War

Forest islands in Amazonia

Formation and structural evolution of prehistoric agricultural economy in Central China


Fotspår vid Pele

Found: Previously Mayan civilization in Guatemala

Fragments of Qin and Han Dynasty bamboo slips found in ancient well. Archive?

French cave markings said to be oldest known engravings by Neanderthals Guardian

From Bronze Age to Space Age

From many came few Our origins (Sheridan College - lecturer: Bjarne Kristiansen )

From the Amazon to the Andes - human movement in ancient times

From Tribes to Empire Sense of the world

Fu Hao

För 7000 år sedan fanns det kanibaler i Herxheim

Gabal el Haridi

Galenic System - a Finding

Gammal är äldst Jättegamla kinesiska piktogram på bergvägg


Gargas Cave with the broken fingers

Gate to hell (like a modern underground tunnel for cars)

Gault Pre-Clovis and Clovis

Gebel el-Silsila

Gebelein mummies

Genetic history of Aboriginal Australians

Genetic insights into the social organization of Neanderthals Women intermarried in new families (exactly like Sapiens?!)

Genetical clues to Europes past in Sardinia Can the Coastline of Sardinia have changed when the Ice Age came to an end?

Geneticists’ new research on ancient Britain contains insights on language, ancestry, kinship, milk

Gengis Khan and the Bubonic plague

Geoglyphs of America

German Stonehenge Can a Stone Henge ALSO been a place for a Ting / a Loya Jirga? Not only religous place for funerals and ceremonies concerning nature, food and harvest...

Germania (as seen by Tacitus amongst others)

Giant hand-axes Unknown human species. It's not a hoax then?

Giant sloth-pendants in South-America


Glacial Transport of Stonehenge Blue Stones


Gobekli Tepe

Gobi Desert Civilization

Going to the loo in Antiquity

Gold tool kit

Golden tongues (Ca 500 BCE - so it's pretty late in Egypt history)



Graffitti on importan cave art Can it be cleaned carefully and protected somehow?

Grave of giants

Grave of Wahibre-mery-Neith

Graves of the Huns found

Gravettian technocomplex

Great fluctuations in the climate made demands on humans to constantly adapt. Thereby being forced to develop a larger brain.

Great Great...Great Grandma

Greek Ancient Culture north of the Black Sea Interesting - did they trade with Sarmatians?

Greek Art

Greek cultural/religious expansion into Italy

Greek democracy

Greeks Are Descendants of the Mycenaeans

Grey wolf genomic history reveals a dual ancestry of dogs

Grotte Mandrin


Growing up Roman (How they did it series)

Gudinnans andra heliga tempel - med eller utan heligt botande vatten - med eller utan relation till stjärnorna Häng inte upp er på geometri versus stjärnorna nu! Fördjupad information kommer väl fram när övriga samband har klarnat. Ett steg i taget!

Guide to Cave-Art in France

Guns, Germs and Steel A summary of Jareds book

Gunung Padang


Göbekli and Karahan Tepe - new findings

Göbekli tepe - woman giving birth

Göbekli Tepe is one of the most important finds ever You can't just party - you need to take responsibility to!

Hala Sultan Tekke and the copper trade

Hammurabi III

Han Dynasty tombs close to heaven

Handelsnätverket Persiska Viken-->Harappa-->Mohenjo Daro-->Mungdiak blomstrade fram till år 2000 f.kr. (Nuförtiden finns platserna Fören. Arabemiraten-->Pakistan-->Afghanistan)




Harappan city planners

Harappan crown made of copper

Harappan figurines Theory: Symbols of Female Role and Identity (Maybe in rite de passage)

Harbor of Khufu Ancient trade more important than one can believe

Harran Miniminuteman

Harvesting in China 10,000 years ago

Hathor on the Iberian peninsula

Hatra restored

Hattusan jewellery

Hattusili the 3rd:s Archive

Hausa language, language history, syntax and pronunciation Julie at JULINGO

Hazel nut shells and human history

Healthy living in Pergamon?



Hemudu culture

Herculaneum Scrolls

Here we go again (Out of Africa...)

Herod the Great


Herodotus History

Heron's Windorgan and Windwheel

Herpes - HSV-1 - spread from the Steppe during Bronze Age, maybe because custom of kissing was increasing


High-status women of ancient Peru

Himmelstalunds hällristningar, Norrköping

Historien om Sverige

History of Georgia (the country) Epimetheus

History of Indonesia in three minutes

History of Marseilles

History of Miletus in short

History of Steel

History of the Hittites

History of the world podcast

History Summarized: The Maya, Aztec, and Inca Fun and easy-to-understand video from Overly sarcastic productions

History Time

History with Cy

Hitra man

Hittite monuments

Hittite Palace in Sivas, Yildizeli, Turkey New Find

Hohle Fels Cave

Hominids and fire

Hominins in Europe

Homo bodoensis

Homo Bodoensis Gutsick Gibbon is upset over terminology (I think!)

Homo Erectus Milo

Homo Erectus' hand ax You're not jumping to conclusions, now?

Homo Erectus tool manufacturing in Sahara (Maybe it wasn't Sahara then?)

Homo Florensis yet again This time Australian researchers

Homo Habilis

Homo heidelbergensis footprints

Homo heidelbergensis in the Tunel Wielki cave

Homo Naledi Ben G Thomas

Homo naledi - the paper Lee R Berger et al

Homo Naledi finding

Honey gathering in ancient times Arana Cave

Horse domestication began on the steppe

Hot pots in ancient Siberia

House of the chaste lovers

How corn roots developed - more important than we could understand

How Did Israel Form If The Exodus & Conquest Aren't historically True? Professor Joel Baden curtsey of MythVision

How Europeans spread through Europe Is not Haplogroup H also a Middle East and North Africa?

How farming spread in North-Africa

How Humans Lost Their Fur PBS

How much of Ain Dara did the turkish forces destroy? The Gods fotsteps?

How much stone tools did the humans have in Siberia? Dogs yes - but stone tools...?

How Neanderthals made Birch Tar

How Somali Cities dominated the ancient Spice Trade

How the ancients moved, or didn't move, cattle in the neolithic

How The Eruption of Thera Changed the World

How the Hittites got their name

How We Figured Out Fermentation PBS Eons

How we humans moved around and replaced one another over the past 8,000 years in Africa Finally we're getting somewhere with this info - so interesting!

Human and fox interaction

Human development

Human footprints of Ojo Guareña

Human genome and TBC

Human Neanderthal interbreeding

Human Sacrifice in Human Society - it's consequenses

Human sacrifice in Mexico ca 1000 B.C.

Human social behaviour and environmental factors

Humancreated megafires created wasteland in California a long time ago

Humanity 100,000 Years Ago - Life In The Paleolithic Milo

Humans and Deserts To be sure we need several kinds of experts to discuss and evaluate this thoroughly

Humans and the ability to swim

Humans hastened the extinction of the woolly mammoth

Humans to Australia 10 000 years earlier than thought?

Hunter-Gatherer child-rearing system not the same as modern ones

Hunter-Gatherer Sites in Sweden Yield Metalworking Artifacts

Hunter-gatherer social ties spread pottery-making far and wide Earlier someone said that women intermarried into other tribes took the tradition of potterymaking with them into the new tribe

Hunter-gatherers were mostly gatherers

Hunting by a full moon maybe?

Hunting for cave art

Hunting traps

Hurrian Hymn

Huvuden på pålar i Motala Ström

Hyksos theories (not impressed)

Hällristningarna vid Ullevi

I antiken styrde plejaderna både skepps- och jordbrukssäsongen (när man skördade, sådde, lade i och drog upp båten)

I call BS

I forntidens mellanöstern bodde kanske Neanderthalare och jättekameler vid samma oas (100 000 år sedan)

Iani smithi

Iberian tempered steel - very early

Ice Age Ethiopia’s High-Altitude Hunter-Gatherers

Ice age hunters in Europe - movements and DNA

Ice Age Hunters in Sulawesi, 50 000 years ago

Ice wall in Bering Strait

Identifying the lost 19th legion

If Dravidian is 4500 years old then the bronze age Indus Valley Civilization could have spoken it

If not everybody is represented in the DNA research project we will never know how we all came about to exist

If this really is Dynasty I there should be remnants of human sacrifice in the graves

In the caves of Rumania there is wonderful things to be found

India - genetics and language (There was a storm brewing) World of Antiquity tried to sort the facts

Indian Bangles Symbols of Female Role and Identity (Maybe in rite de passage)

Indian Bronze Age chariot found This race bullshit is unnecessary!

Indigenous languages of Americas giving a clue to the migration waves

Indo-European estimated to be around 8 100 years old Origins in or near the northern arc of the Fertile Crescent. (And now all the maniacs can start shouting.)

Indoeuropean from the Steppe and pre-Yamnaya?

Indus civilisation - Urbanism

Indus civilization and genetics

Indus Civilization Industry in Chanhon jo Daro

Indus Valley Civilization (IVC)

Indus Valley Civilization (Cogito)

Indus valley civilization - textile production Harappa.com & Dr Kenoyers Lecture curtsey of the Dep. of Archeolgy & Museums, Pakistan Gov.


Indusscript and economics

Industrial manufacturing of wool and wool textiles in Bronze Age Italy

Informed guesswork as to how the Denisovans looked

Infrastructure of neolithic Dartmoor

Inherited Memory

Inkaya cave

Inscriptions in Sinai

Inspirational fumes for the local Pythia

Interaction between Easter islanders and Indians

Interesting discovery of neolithic grave in foothills of the Troodos Mountains in the Paphos region, Cyprus

Interesting massprocessing site from VERY ancient China (40 000 years ago)

Interesting rock art made by Namibian stone age artists

Into, outof and across the Eurasian steppe

Inuit's lifestyle made them ill in ways not expected Maybe the same for the ice age people?

Invention of the trousers


Irisagrig - stolen tablets

Irisagrig can't be found without the looters Pity

Iron age canoe - Switzerland, Lake Neuchatel

Iron Age Children’s Funerary Building in Oman

Iron age treasure

Iron or steel?

Iroquois Longhouses

Is That A Norwegian?

Is this Dilmun? Oh no, how stupid of me. Of course this is Magan ; )

Is this example of Middle Eastern farmers moving into Europe or this date to late for that?

Ishtar Gate - the Eight Gate of Babylon

Island hopping in Indonesia 18 000 years ago

Island-hopping in the pacific

Istidens fem hundar

It has been suggested that the Yamnaya brought the plague to Europe (Causing most of the stone age farmers to die maybe without offspring?)

Ivory Lady

Jebel Irhoud

Jebel Qurma

Jebel Sahaba

Jeddar tombs

Jenny Clark found Boris and other early fossil tetrapods from the Devonian

Jersey hybrid

Jerseys Ice-age

Jiroft Civilization (History with Cy)

Jixia Academy

Jordanian Dolmens

Joseph Potiphar's Wife and the Jewish Colony in Egypt

Jung and the collective unconscious

Just like Abraham and Sara There were real contracts - that's probably why the story is in the bible

Justinian plague 541-42 A.D.

Jwalapuram Valley Scientists are certain that our forefathers stayed there no later than 74 000 years ago (their descendants would probably populate East Asia and Australia)

Järnåldern Länsmuseet Gävleborg

Kalispel people's cooking techniques

Kan det vara samma jägar-, herdefolk som i Nordafrika/Sahara? De hade också mumifiering (kanske före egyptierna) och var påverkade av samma kultur som egyptierna eller påverkade själva egyptierna... Det bedrivs alldeles för litet forskning på nordafrikansk förhistoria

Kannibalism i urtiden

Kaogong Ji

Karahan Tepe Milo Rossi

Karahan Tepe

Karahan Tepe Art



Keeladi Excavations

Kelp highway

Kerma Culture Civilization Afric Network

Kermitops gratus

Ket - Religion and Expressive Cultures Every culture

Ket language

Ket language, historical importance of

Ket people (Yenisei-Ostyak)

Ket people's relationship with Native Americans

King Herods bath-tub

King Hinz golden grave

King Kong

King of the Universe

Kingdoms of Ancient Cyprus History with Cy

Kings and generals

Kisar cave paintings

Kissing in history



Know thyself

Knowledge of Healing powers of Amber



Kopparstenålder i södra Spanien

Kosinski 11

Krigarprästinnan från stäppen hade snöleoparder av guld på sin hatt

Kurgan theory etc.

Kush arcitecture threatened

Kushan empire Stupa in Mohenjo Daro (with coins)


Kültepe findings

La Garma Cave

La Pasiega cave

La Puntilla

Lacanja Tzeltal Ancient kingdom in Chiapas

Lady Dai and the periods disregard for human life

Lagash marsh islands

Laonin tou Porakou (Middle Bronze Age)

Large/Big-Game Hunters in the Arabian Peninsula? Is this now established?

Last Chu king?

Laundry Day as it was in 1820 (Historic Chores) Early American

Le Peu

Leakey Foundation Different lectures

Leang Burung 2

Legends of Chu

Lepinski Vir



Lesotho finding: 30 000 years old eggshell-beads

Less elites in Pre-Inca Society?

Letters from the Roman Front Lines

LiDar helps find lost Mayan city in Campeche

Life after Bronze age collapse

Linguistic thermometer

Lion Man (temporary in British Museum - now back in an Ulm Museum presumably?)

Liquid bitumen used by the Neanderthals as glue

Little John Site Translated from German

Liu Bang Emperor Gaozu of Han


Ljungaviken - havsnära boplats 8 400 år sedan

Long before 60 000 years ago our forefathers moved from East Africa to Yemen via the Straits of Horror

Look here - BUCKETS!

Lost cities of the Amazon


LUCA Milo Rossi

Lucy could walk upright with ease

Lugal or Ensi

Lupercalia i realtid

Luwian Civilization described in Luwian Studies Finally and at last we're getting out of the Eurocentric world view!



Lysistrate - antika kvinnors sexstrejk - en komedi

Lägg ner för tusan! Det är hinkar - inka djäkla handväskor!

Lökeberg Hällristningar, Munkedal

Maaaaybe the oldest stories in the world Stefan Milo

Mabon/Maponus/Maponi could be a Germanic ancient God... The few references there is seems to point that way and NOT towards Celtic religion

Machu Picchu retainers DNA They came from all across the Inca empire

Made in History

Madjedbebe archaeological site - findings of early survival skills - 65 000 years ago


Magan... Wiki

Magdalenian culture in the channel islands

Magic, culture and stalactites

Magnificent Ancient Kings: The Únetice Culture Dan Davis History


Majiabang culture


Making food in hot springs?

Malaria and Humans 7000 years before now


Mal'ta in Siberia Surviving Siberian Culture during the Ice Age (with the first Spiral-symbols?)

Mammoth kill site from about 18 000 - 28 000 years ago (Metro UK)

Man and Horse before there was Man riding Horse and after there was Man hunting Horse?

Man kan ju tycka att Egypten har rätt till sin egen historia


Mannu-ki-libbali final statement ""How can I command? ..... Death will come out of it. No one will escape. I am done!”"

Mans best friend for 27 000 years

Marara and Dhabuganha

Mare Nostrum through history

Market integration in ancient Greece (Eat your heart out - Marx/Engels!

Marking Time The signs on the Blanchard Bone

Marriage arrengements of the Avars

Marriage in ancient China

Mashki Gate

Mass migration into Britain between 1 400 BC and 870 BC

Mass production in Paleolithic Levant

Massacre of La Hoya

Mathematics to figure out how ancient fall of civilizations might have coincided with climate change

Max brews Sumerian beer Tasting History with Max Miller

Maya divination calendar

Maya Museum

Maya settlement found in central Belize

Maya used mirrors for the path to the world beyond

Maya water system

Mayafolkets skriftspråk (Famsi - stiftelse för mellanamerikansk arkeologisk forskning)

Mayan Child Sacrifice and Obsidian Symbolism

Mayan network of roads Pete Kelly

Mayan tooth-treatment?

Mayan water purification system in Tikal

Maybe a lack of children made them valuable to the society then?

Maybe a Map over an Enemy Camp?

Maybe an oath?

Maybe animal husbandry as early as 13 000 years ago

Maybe it was a time of attack when women and children had to be hidden from warfare (Scandinavia had hillforts to but in a later period)

Maybe it's a mill stone?

Maybe it's about how to produce milk in an environment of starvation? In one part of the world the ideal is still that women should be very big (think it's Mauritania) to have a chance at marriage and children

Maybe Neanderthals and Cro Magnon weren't at all different?

Maybe the fierce ones were protectors or psycopomps?

Maybe there was a Neanderthal war?

Maybe there's where the Celtic culture started?

Maybe to crush a bone with to get to the marrow?

Maybe to crush bones to get at the marrow?

Maybe Women from the City married strangers from the Hinterland (wherever that is?) (It's been said before somewhere about Mohenjo I believe)

Medikonda PaleoArt


Megalithic Plaza in the Andes


Megiddo - The Archaeological History of Armageddon


Mehrgarh figurines Theory: Symbols of Female Role and Identity (Maybe in rite de passage)

Meluhha (IVC)



Mesa Verde Rock-Art

Mesoamerican healing ritual with tobacco

Mesolithic hunter gatherer Shaman from central Europe - DNA check She's distantly related to the child in the grave

Mesopotamian Medicine Dr. Irving Finkel

Mesopotamian silver drinking straws - made for drinking beer

Mesopotamian Travel Gardens Wonderful Irving Finkel lecture


Meteoritic Iron Detected in Bronze Age Arrowhead in Switzerland

Miao The fierce protectress became the Moon and Wich goddess pussycat

Miao Headdress Symbols of Female Role and Identity (Maybe in rite de passage)


Middle class houses 400 BC in Turkey

Middle Pleistocene at Bargny

Middle Stone Age humans in East Africa may have employed varied techniques to process ochre for functional and symbolic uses (i e their societies had complex need of ochre - not just one religious for funerals)


Milk and population increase?

Milo answers archeology questions from a young person

Milo the Miniminuteman fights the tin foil hats with irony



Miniature rock art

Minoan human sacrifice?

Minoan warfare and defence

Mix - of different people, different ideas and different methods during long time - led to civilization success

Mixed bunch of people

Moai, sacred ancestor figures of Rapa Nui

Moche art

Moche Cosmic Sacrifice

Moche culture

Mohenjo-Daro gets destroyed! Are you insane?!

Mohenjo-Daro is World Heritage on grand-scale must be protected

Moluccan boat in Aborigine Rock-Art

Mongolian warrior women

Monte Verde

Moon Calendar

Moon-Woman in Selk'Nam Society

More book of the dead and other new finds in Saqqara

More findings at Durrington Wall


Moroccos' ancient shell jewelry

Mother goddess figurines in Verteba Cave Cucuteni-Trypillia Culture


Movement of the Neanderthal groups

Mtdna M in ancient Europe (same as India?)

Mud wasps help date aboriginal rock-art

Multipurpose function of boomerangs

Mummy Cache


Mustatils in Saudi and animal sacrifice

Mycenaean Greece History with Cy

Mycenaean refuge

Mysteries of History: The Lost Kingdom that Dominated Bronze Age Europe - Also about the Battle at Tollense Valley Historian's Craft

Mysterious Lady

Mysterious stone 'spheroids' - very very old

Mystery of writing direction

Myt och religion inte så långt ifrån varken Evenker, Samer eller äldre Europeer (från Svarta havet)

Myth of Thalos - artificial man

Myth of the dragon teeth

Myth of the paleo-diet

Människan och sjukdomen TBC - en lång gemensam historia som involverar D-Vitamin

Na Dromannan stone circle

Nabta Playa stone circle cirka circa 7500 BC

Naias tough life



Nasir al-Din al-Tusi

Natufian area before people that lived in the Sodom and Gomorrah-village that got destroyed Were they direct descendants or were they some other people? >

Natufian inequality



Natural erosion made part of the sphinx good looks. The rest was made by man

Nature of colonialism After the exhibition maybe you should give the stuff back to the countries it belongs to

Navaho language and origins Julie

Nazca Lines - new theory Maybe it's to do with trade? Like the signs on trading post in North America...

Nazca Lines in Khazakstan

Neanderthal bone industry

Neanderthal burials

Neanderthal Cannibalism

Neanderthal community

Neanderthal complex tool-making techniques Heidenschmiede site

Neanderthal DNA and COVID Milo

Neanderthal flower burials and the BEES

Neanderthal Haute Cuisine

Neanderthal nose

Neanderthal Skull Cults Stefan Milo

Neanderthal symbols

Neanderthal Y-Dna

Neanderthals and Immune system/Allergies Maybe we wouldn't have existed otherwise...

Neanderthals and Oral Hygiene

Neanderthals had dots in their cave art just like we had in our cave art (and on bones) (psycedelic trips OR measure of time?)

Neandherthal thumb and handles

Nebet-hets egyptiska ordlista

Nebra Sky Disc

Nefertite phenomenon Deutsche Welle

Nefertiti’s mummy

Nehandertals' gut microbiota and the bacteria helping our health

Neolithic arrowhead found in iron age burial

Neolithic bird hunting in Upper Mesopotamia

Neolithic burial with cattle and chariot (Saxony-Anhalt)

Neolithic domesticated sheep

Neolithic findings in Istanbul

Neolithic headhunt in China

Neolithic in Scotland show traces of sour milk in pottery So they had cattle but maybe couldn't process ordinary milk?

Neolithic navigation

Neolithic polishing stone???

Neolithic ritual fertility sacrifice in France Horrifying

Neolithic sacred spring

Neolithic shell dragon in inner Mongolia

Neolithic stone tools in Hyderabad

Neolithic terraces of Corsica

Neolithic village Marais de Saint-Gond, France

Nerja Cave

New discoveries at Sanxingdui Ruins

New east asian population 19 000 years ago Where did they come from?

New Egyptian findings

New Guinea - lessons from a cradle of agriculture and languages NativLang

New Kingdom coffins


Newly discovered Egyptian shipwreck


Nganasan Language

Niah Cave

Niah Cave

Nial of the nine hostages

Niall of the Nine Hostages

Nigeria 1929: Womens War


No Amazon! Sad - but maybe we could have guessed as much when there were no snow leopards on the hat

No Aryans behind the high civilization of Mohenjo Daro

NO Murderbunny! It's a CAT!

No stability yet ; )

No, that's too stupid

Nobel week lights

Nok peoples use of honey and beesvax

Nonsens creationism Gutsick Gibbon

Nonsense! Cheaters is what they were!

Norte Chico and the Peruvian Preceramic

Norte Chico-civilisationen är gammal som tusan I Chile och Peru finns resterna av en urgammal latinamerikansk högkultur

North 02

North American sea-based economy 12.000 years ago (Non-Clovis)

North europeans were black until a couple of thousand years ago

Northern Europe and the Phoenician trade...

Northern Thailand/Myanmar first place for domesticated chicken

Northernmost evidence of Paleolithic humans ever found

Nose-piercing Custom is almost 50 000 years old

Not really the Return Why?

Nu har de ändrat sig om datumet igen (3000 f.kr.) Snart slutar vi nog lyssna på Stonehenge-arkeologerna

Numa Pompilius Den ofrivillige diktatorn

Numantine War Is the expelling of Jews 139 b.c. the first example of european antisemitism? (It seems monoteism seemed uncivilized to the Romans - today it's the opposite for most Europeans)

Observatoriemonument i Brasilien från tiden långt innan européernas ankomst

Obsidian blades with food traces reveal 1st settlers of Rapa Nui had regular contact with South Americans 1 000 years ago

Odisha excavacion

Offering to the gods? One such offering been described by Ceasar (then concerning the Germanic tribes and later than Bronze age)

Oh dear! Ancient Egypt Artifacts stolen

Oh look! Ceasar the 2nd's old fridge ; )


Okunev people - interesting remnants can tell a lot about their culture

Old Dongola

Old Europe

Oldest arrowheads outside of Africa

Oldest human cremation in the Near East unearthed

Oldest known human viruses

Oldest peace treaty in the world


Oligarchy and Democracy in ancient Greece

Olika typer av gravsättning Jättebra exempel på sidan

Olmec Ceremonial Center

Olmec civilization

Olmec Legacy

Olmec Rulers heads

Olympias, Alexander the greats mother

Om De Tre Vise Männen och Medernas Mager (präster)

Om Hettiterna

Om Vincent Bolloré

Oman findings


On Buddhas birth in time and space The time is particularly interesting. Beliefs changed and developed around this time in many places

One Amazon found - unfortunately her excavators accidently cut of her head

One can clearly see the cluster of the Pleiades on the Nebra Disk The Spring festival (Ex: An.Tah.Sum) starts when the Pleiades dissappears (Spring Equinox) and ends when they come back (Ex: Walpurgis/Beltaine) It usually takes 40 days

One shard explains a whole economical system? Confusing

One would presume that places without manure-fertilizing of the fields didn't have any cattle - or?

Operation Odysseus

Or maybe a big bird shaman

Ordos Plateau in China since the Neolithic Age

ORG stem cells and the remarkable evolutionary expansion of the primate brain

Origin of Indo-European languages in Europe

Origin of Pug dog breed? Thought it came from China much earlier...

Origin of the Gold of Troy, Poliochni and UR

Origins of arabic

Origins of the Cinderella tale

Origins of the number 60 as a counting method (Stuff/Roger Hanson)

Orkney burial

Orkney Neolithic tomb

Orkney Stone Age Village

Our ancestors interbred with Neanderthals at multiple times in history

Our mysterious extinct cousins

Overlap (Neanderthals and Homo sapiens)

Owl engravings

Oxus Civilization

Pacific cities found to be much older than previously thought

Paleolithic Hand Axes Made For Seduction? Milo

Paleolithic people Milo

Paleolithic people settled very early in Cyprus

Paleolithic spaniards not afraid of the cold


Panga ya Saidi, video

Paradise Cave

Paranthropus stone tools Evolution takes its time

Parceks Online Portal

Path to the Milky Way

Pathways of the Past

Pazyryk Carpet

Pegtymel Petroglyphs Wonder if it's the same whale we have in Kiviksgrave, Skåne, Sweden on tomb stones (the fins not perfect though)

Penáguila region cave paintings found with drone 7 000 years old

Penghu 1

People from Anatolia moved in to Europe as farmes That means that Europeans an Middle Easterners are closely related

People in the time of Stonehenge British Museum

People living in ancient Eastern Arabia appear to have developed resistance to malaria Good for them

People of Melanisa, Polynesia and Micronesia Patrick Goodness lectures on a cruise boat for passengers on a tour.

People of Stonehenge

Peopling of Oceania and the Matrilocal DNA-structure

Pepparfrukter i maten är urgammalt Har använts i latinamerika de senaste sex tusen åren

Percussion platform Peruan archeology

Persian skeletons in ancient Sparta Well - they were at war...

Personal Hygiene Sticks in toilets by the Silk Road

Peruan geoglyphs depict heavens

Petroglyphs of Fujairah

Petroglyphs of Lake Onega (The pictures don't really show anything that one can understand!)

Petroglyphs of Maharashtra

Pettakere and other caves with paintings

Pharao and the afterlife

Pharao or "The Great House"


Phoenician Ship

Phoenician wine 'factory'

Phoenicians History Time

Phoenicians History with Cy

Phoenicians in Spain

Pictish forte

Pictish rituals involving porpoises

Pictorials Washed Away Have you documented them before destruction?

Pigment (red ochre) processing in Xiamabei

Pingtan island

Pirate island (400 b.c.)

Plague history

Plague in the Bronze Age

Plagues and climate

Plant based diet for humans in Morocco 15.000 years ago. Maybe agriculture came from Morocco then?

Plant Fiber Technology in Southeast Asia

Plato & the scrolls

Plato and Aristotle Understanding earth


Pliny the elders' summer villa

Poision arrow hunting of San people - a comprehensive study

Polynesian archeology - using database resources

Polynesian Navigation & Settlement of the Pacific

Pomier Caves

Poor oral health of a group of Mesolithic Scandinavian hunter-gatherers

Population Y

Pottery - when you excavate different cultures

Pottery from Lizard Island Group (Jiigurru)

Pottery invented for fish soup

POW or human sacrifice?

Power of the bones

Pre-agricultural connection between Africa and the Near East via North Africa

Precise solar observations fed millions in ancient Mexico

Pre-Clovis along the pacific coast

Pre-Clovis Hunting

Pre-Clovis projectile point : )

Pre-Clovis spear-points

Pre-colonial Aboriginal food production

Precolonial mines in southern Africa

Pre-contact dogs Is this really true?

Predynastic Egypt - pottery Dr. Briana Jackson

Pre-dynasty and Hyksos graves found in Egypt This is exciting

Prehistoric Hunters in the Huciva cave (Slovak)

Prehistoric Patagonians Landscape

Prehistoric people's playdough

Prehistoric stilthouse village in Marshland

Prehistoric underwater structure Lake Michigan

Pre-Inca mummies

Pre-Islamic Thought

Pre-Roman iron-age necropolis in Naples


Preserved Bronze Age Wooden Well

Priest of Pacopampa

Prisoners of War sacrificial victims at ancient chinese Yinxu Oracle

Problemet med PCA

Proto-Elamite deciphering on the way

Ptahshepses’s tomb

Pueblo Bonito

Puerto Rican cave-art 700 Before Common Era

Punan Batu people

Pylos Tombs

Pyramid in Kazakhstan?

Pyramids of the Kingdom of Kush


Pytheas and his travels

Pytheas resa till Thule


Qanat technique

Qu Qing's grave was syncretistic

Quechua Joe Scott talks about Quechua

Queen Hetephere's silver bracelet and the Trade Networks in Ancient Egypt

Queen of Sheba

Queen Zenobia

Quest for Vinca - Trailer

Rajesh Rao on the efforts to decipher the Indus Script

Ramses the II:s old Sinai Fort (not so much left of)

Reading genetic information of ancient Teotihuacans

Really - 80 000 years ago? There were flakes in Yemen too

Reclining at the table in ancient Greece and Rome

Recognizing technique variation in rock engravings

Reconstructed houses of the first Egyptians

Reconstructing global climate through Earth's history

Reconstruction of anicent Chieftain with family

Reconstruction of earliest known composite-tiled roofs

Red Deer Cave people

Red Lady = Greatgrandmother?

Red ochre in funerary rituals - Catal Hoyuk

Regionmuseet Skåne

Relics from Zhukaigou culture

Religious restrictions on the consumption of pork

Remnants of the culture in the Amazonas

Rend ochre: 12 000 year old red ochre mine in Mexico

Res hjärta är konstant

Restoring the place where Ceasar was murdered

Rethinking Civilization John Green et al

Return of Maya after Castrophe

Rich Spanish Bronze-age burial Men and women equals?

Rigstula Kast-/Klass-samhället på Vikingatiden

Ringheiligtum Pömmelte

Rise and Fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire History Scope

Rise of social complexity in the eastern steppe

Rise of Uruk Histocrat

Ritual feast in Palenque (or just a plain old party)

Ritual offerings in Uxmal

Road built 7000 years ago found at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea

Robert Harris books is the thriller-way to get through Ciceros letters without actually having to read Ciceros letters Knowledge and excitement at the same time

Robin Hood's Ball

Roca de les Ferradures Carvings found

Rock Art Australia

Rock crystals on graves

Rock painting in Madurai cave

Rock paintings in Tanzania

Rock Paintings in the City of Ani

Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka

Rocks as tools

Roma and Sinti peoples migration from India to Persia, Europe etc Don't like the pictures - but at least someone tell their migration story. It's long overdue.

Roman oyster processing site

Roman Road in Holland

Roman Wall

Roman Words for the different months and Old English/Anglo-saxon words for the same

Rope History

Rosetta stone text

Royal game of UR

Royal graves in Cyprus

Royal tomb of Vergina

Ruins of a temple dedicated to Goddess Kubaba found in Kastabala

Ruler-centric changes in Mayan culture

Running Horned Woman

Sacred burial ground? Tänk om de begravde sina religiösa experter (präster) vid Stonehenge?

Sacred pool of Motoya

Sacred prehistoric area next to Shonehenge and Durrington Walls

Sacred Wells of Ireland

Sacredd animals in ancient Egypt

Safety in fire

Saint Sigfrid of Sweden

Sala de las Pinturas, Ojo Guareña

Same DNA from stone age to today in East Asia (the most successful human culture?)

San - "the paintings and the myths derive from the same set of religious beliefs"

Sanctuary of Frangissa

Sangam (-200 before year 0) period under water city in Tamil Nadu


Santa Isabel Ixtapan - Seasonal hunting camp round 9,000 years ago

Santal folk tale about a magical lamp

Sanxingdui Bronze altar

Sanxingdui Culture and the earth quake

Sapphos poem that mentions war and Lydia

Saqqara rock tomb 4000 years old

Sarawak Museum

Sarcophagus of Ramses II’s Chief Treasurer Discovered at Saqqara

Sargon of Akkad

Sarmaternas krigarprästinnor från stäppen - amazoner eller bara ett gäng brudar som slogs väldigt bra?

Saving 7000 year old grave

Saving the ancient texts

Saving the Kabayan fire mummies

School of fish

Scientists recover an ancient woman's DNA from a 20,000-year-old pendant

Scythian history, warfare, religion and archeology Facts and Details

Scythian pyramid

Scythians ancient home in Altai

Sea level rise in Sundaland

Seagods sanctuary


Secrets of the Stone Age (1/2) DW Documentary

Secrets of the Stone Age (2/2) DW Documentary

Self evident facts about climate and humans - that everyone keep harping on about all the time

Selinunte - when the slavers came

Selinunte - The beginning of



Selk'nam People of Tierra del Fuego

Sequencing genes of Iron and Bronze Age peoples to better understand early Mediterranean migration patterns

Serpent mound disagreement (A lot of guessing taking place)



Seven new graves in Saqqara

Shaman burial

Shamans and Snakes

Shanidar Cave

Shanidar Z

SHE goes hunting too! Didn't women and childre invent spear hunting? At least that was someones theory some time ago.

Shift in Bronze Age population in East-Central Europe

Shigir Idol

Shigir idol is very old


Ships and boats in ancient Egypt

Shuanghuaishu site

Siberian landscapes in Ket traditional culture Vajda! - so it's no fool who researched this

Siberian Obsidian trade 8000 years ago

Siberian statuette

Siberian Stone Age Art

Siberian Warrior Women

Side by side

Silla, about

Silla, about

Silver and the Phoenician expansion

Silver Queen

Simbiro III obsidian (Very old)

Similar words in Sumerian and proto-Indoeuropean

Site A footprints


Skokholm find Think Skok means 'shake' in Older Nordic Languages

Slash-and-burn cultivation during the Mesolithic (in Europe?)

Smaller brains and the development of advanced society Milo

Snake ritual?

Snapshot of the past

So Middle Easterners who brought europe agriculture didn't have any Neanderthal DNA?

So something went terrible wrong in Indian society 100 B.C. Wonder what happened?

So the Jewish Monoteistic Religion was inluenced by Akhenaten/Echnaton? (He was born around 1300 B C)

Socotra Language Isolation



Sodom and Gomorrah in the bibles old testament

Sodom and Gomorrah?

Solar geometry and the organization of the annual cycle through architecture and the funerary landscape in Qubbet el Hawa




Solon The Goto-man when you wanted to change the society in the antiquity

Solon och hans system

Solons Reform

Solons Solution

Solving the disappearance of bears and lions with ancient DNA

Som den här

Some Bible Myths, not so old The Findings of Lidar Sapir-Hen and Erez Ben-Yosef

Somehow it looks Etruscian

Sound Reflecting Shelters Maybe they had story-telling shows in the shelters with lights, shadows and music

South Asia In Human Evolution Milo

South Indian scripts

Space and time in ancient Caral

Spectacles of Blood

Spiral and solstice

Spread of Cacao in South America


Star Carr

Star Carr pendant

Star Carr shamans headdress

Starvatation? Height and DNA

Statue of the stinking one Maya archeology

Statuette of Anath found

Stefan Milo

Stenåldersyxa - Ödeshög

Stepp Nomades History Time

Steppe Male Migrants and Stone Age Farming Females

Stewards of the Amazon


Stone Age Brazil before Clovis Not sure this is well-researched

Stone Age Humans journey to the Japanese islands (without knowing where the islands were placed we surmise)

Stone Age medical knowledge in Borneo

Stone Age people cooked sophisticated food According to the latest Proteomics

Stone Tomb in Mardin’s Midyat not so old - only couple of hundred years b.c. Where is Mardin Midyat - could the tomb be Lycian?

Stone tunnels in the Stone City

Stone with engravings at Chichen Itza

Stonehenge Calendar

Stonemasons of Teotihuacan

Storegga Slide Doggerland Tsunami

Stories from the Westcar Papyrus

Strata February 2024

Structure of a prehistoric community from Southeast Asia Findings via DNA

Study reveals evidence of violence at a time of crisis in ancient Peru

Stålframställning i Norr - 2 000 år gammalt

Sudan Prehistory

Sulawesi Maybe the stepping stone to Australia

Sumerian JuLingo

Sumerian Credit Card? Dunno - think more an ID-card?

Sumerian human sacrifice at burial Burial of high cast/elite individuals?

Sumerian human sacrifice at burial of high cast/elite individuals

Sumerian restaurang? Siduris Bar? This is really a wonderful find

Sumerians World of Antiquity

Sunbowl from Ebreichsdorf Part of trade network?

Sunghir / Sungir (scroll down - Don has a lot of commercials on his site

Sunghir / Sungir Video - quite unassuming - just short info

Sungir adornments

Sunken Ice-age landscapes

Superarchaic humans went to Eurasia two million years ago, then Neanderthals went to Eurasia 700 000 years ago- and lastly modern man went to Eurasia 70 000 years ago


Swiss diet during the Bronze age

Sword sacrifice to the gods in bronze age Finland

Symbols of Stone Age Europe

Syrian belt buckles for Sarmatian/Scythian female warriors?

Ta Hagrat temples

Taiwan and the Pacific - 4000 years ago

Take care of the dromedarius

Talking Heads?

Tall el-Hammam

Tam Pa Ling Cave in Laos

Tamil knowledge of the use of Iron



TARA preserves African Rock Art

Tarim Basin mummies genetics

Tarim Basin mummies were ANE (Ancient North Eurasians) - they were related to Siberians and American Indians The boat symbol at burial is interesting. One shouldn't underestimate the influence of trade networks


Tassili n'Ajjer



TBC in Americas VERY EARLY

TBC in ancient South America

Technical Neanderthal

Teeth and Native American migration from Beringia

Tel El-Deir

Tell el-Timai

Temple of Rurupa 1 000 - 800 B.C.

Teotihuacán History with Cy

Teraphim or the ancestors talking heads giving mystical advice about the future

Terramare Dan Davis

'Tesinian' Kurgan in Siberia

Testing yields new evidence of human occupation 18,000 years ago in Oregon Rimrock Draw Rockshelter outside of Riley, Oregon, USA


Thales from Miletus/Miletos

The 300 (It's mostly myth but a dramatic story anyways)

The 65 graves of Harappa

The age of the feathered dinosaurs

The Archer (Europe Bronze Age)

The Archer in Persian Mythology

The armadillo-hunters of old

The Bantu expansion

The beginning of donkey domestication

The black sea ship

The Blue Highway

The bow and arrow in Grotte Mandrin

The box of Neanderthal bones

The Carved Skulls of Göbekli Tepe

The cattle raid of Cooley

The Cattle-Raid of Cualnge Ancient Celtic Myth

The Celtic Book of Invasions Maybe it's not only about Ireland

The Cephalopods of Avalon

The Chaos And Suffering In Ancient Egypt's Dark Age Absolute History, Joann Fletcher

The City that wouldn't stop growing

The code of Hamurabi

The Collapse of Bronze Age Societies in the Eastern Mediterranean: Sea Peoples in Cyprus?

The Comet

The Deeds of Suppiluliuma

The Elephanine Papyri

The elusive neolithic graves in Finland

The Etruscan CULTURAL heritage - NOT the MTdna/Y-Dna heritage (They were not Lidyans!)

The European hazelnuts in Kültepe

The Evolution of Farming in the Near East

The face of the Lord of Sipan

The Famine Stela

The federation of Lycian city states were situated in Anatolia

The findings in Western Nefud desert

The first Anatolian company 4000 years ago You need capital to start a business

The first emperor of China Xiran Jay Zhao

The first Nation peoples will have used it too So maybe the torture method comes from Siberia a long time ago?

The first Neolithic boats in the Mediterranean

The first plague (in Europe/Eurasia)

The ForeMothers Maybe it was related to a Coming of Age Ritual for girls (you have to spend time in dark cave and then become a women as a part of the female collective)?

The frog from Gondwana

The Geese of Ra Wonder what constallation it corresponds to

The genetic bottleneck characterizing early sheep husbandry in the Neolithic period

The Geshur couple

The Golden Era of Peru

The Gomphothere hunters at Tagua Tagua

The great library of Nineveh Irvine Finkel

The Great Mother as a protector of children in the grave? (from Mal'ta child grave)

The Great Serpent Mound - creation story theory

The Great Serpent Mound in Ohio First Nation people made it long time ago

The Grinding Stone of XinCun

The hafted tool experiment

The Han — China's Majority Ethnic Group

The Herders and the Silk Road

The Hittite prince's seal How very exciting

The Holy Kings bloody reign

The Homo naledi Situation Somehow got Even Weirder Gutsick Gibbon

The Honey Bees

The human male maybe always abducted his bride in ancient times?

The Huns invaded Europe

The hunt for ancient trade routes

The hunt for Cleopatra

The importance of Miletos (A rich trading city in contact with influences from most of the world. Miletos gave birth to philosophy in the western world)

The importance of the pyramide of the moon

The importance of the Sun and the Moon for early human culture

The Importance of Water in ancient Indian Civilization (Harappa & Mohenjo Daro etc)

The Indo-Europeans didn't get to Spain in the same extent as to the rest of Europe

The Jericho Skull

The Jesenicko Bronze Age sword

The Kalasmaic text Exactly what the world needs. Another Indoeuropean language ; )

The Kets

The Kets

The last Neanderthal Iberians

The Lava Gates of Harrat Khaybar

The Lion Hunters

The Lion Man/Woman-Shaman

The Maccabean Revolt

The Maccabean Revolt

The Mandible from the Rumanian Cave proves Interbreeding between Neanderthals and Us Modern Human is a product of Interbreeding

The Marble Pyramid

The Marsupial Lion

The Monkey out of Africa-theory

The Moroccan footprints

The murder of the Gracchi brothers - by the gready landowners who didnt want to share their wealth with the poor - destroyed the republic This will happen again and again throughout history until we change the structures and hierarchys of our societies

The Muwekma Ohlone Tribes ancestors found They live in same area still?

The neanderthals could dive for clams it seems

The Neolithic Toolkit

The Nile dig So important

The Nizhny Tagil murders

The old romantic and sad Amazigh myth of Tislit and Isli that drowned in their own tears (the bride and the bridegroom)

The oldest archaeological site in the world Milo

The oldest evidence of human cannibalism as a funerary practice in Europe

The origin of the Indian Culture and Population No big surprise there! It's a mix of populations and cultures - like all successful civilizations

The Original people of Ireland can't have been Celts or do you mean that they were?

The Palenque nose-ring

The Pazyryk Burial

The Persians and the big wave

The Pharaos summer house Thutmoses III/Thutmoses the Great

The Playa del Carmen finding

The Prague roundel

The prize of surviving the Ice Age

The provisioning of the residents of the mega-sites was based on extremely sophisticated food and pasture management

The Pterosaurs of Skye

The red roof Maybe color red symbolizes lifeforse also - not only blood?

The Return

The Return

The Return

The Return...

The Rise of Metallurgy in Eurasia Belovode and all the other places

The River Nile Cultures interaction Wonder if there was a LAKE Nile culture long long before the River Nile Culture

The Road Through Sicevo

The Rock-Paintings of Sulawesi The creativity was there all along - from the time when we entered the Arabian peninsula from Africa at least

The rocks of Tall Chegah-e Sofla - could they be hammers?

The role of beer in society

The role of the Hetairai

The Roman street in Antalaya

The royal court of Chefren? That's old, really old

The Royal Descendants

The sacrified warriors of Anyang

The Saruq Al Hadid site

The Sea people from Crete (and Sicily/Sardinia)? Didn't they have hornes on their hats?

The secret of the successful city is INTEGRATION - people coming from different backgrounds and different locations

The seven ancient kinship systems Not all nordic countries have the same system! Very interesting

The Siberian Heritage

The Siberian Noble Womans Grave and her links to Native Americans

The Siloam Inscription

The Snake and the Underworld Finding in Mayan City

The snake god worship at el Tigre

The solar eclipse that stopped a war

The story of why one of Thors goats limped

The Sun Wheel in Azraq Oasis

The surfing Neanderthal man?! Cool

The Surui/Paiter people and their connection to Australia aborigin people

The Symposium Plato

The Tam Ngu Hao 2 (Cobra Cave) finding

The Tashwinat Mummy in Acacus mountains (Libya, North Africa)

The Tomb at Lovers Rock

The tomb of King Senusret I's Stamp Bearer

The Tsleil-Waututh Nation 2 500 year old sustainable fishing routines

The Únetice culture woman (In Bohemia)

The Wall

The Warrior from Omsk

The watch tower

The Welsh Bridge

The White Nile Lake and it's effect 70 000 years ago

The village in Lake Lucerne

The wool-bearing trees of Ethiopia...

The Worlds First Social and Health Security for specialized Workers is 3600 years old (or thereabout)

The Worlds oldest Mining License

The Xiongnu empire and the princesses

The Yellow Turbans and the Scripture of Great Peace

The Zapotec

Theopetra cave

Theories on ancient immigration waves into the Americas (Personally I'm not comfortable with SKULL STUDIES - specially not in these times!)


There is one place in Switzerland with the same findings

There was another migration wave into America before the Bering strait ice corridor migration Much earlier and along the Pacific coast

There's little difference between us

There's many theories on what led to the bronze age collapse 1200 b.c. Colder climate because of Hecla, colder climate made the Seapeople starve and start to attack others...

They followed the woolly mammoth

Thinking man

This is a crime against the common human heritage!

Thracian medicine factory

Three Sage Rulers

Three Stones in Orions Belt

Three warrior graves Wonder if the number of graves is significant somehow (like in Uppsala)

Thutankhamun fick vitt vin med sig i graven

Time capsule of Australia's first coastal people from 50,000 years ago

Tiny terracotta army

Toba Catastrophe Theory


Tocharerna knarkade

Tocharian language resources

Told in stone Ancient Greek and Roman history

Tollensee (and the standing army theory)

Tollund Man


Tomb from western Zhou

Tomb of Xianbei Nobles


Top 10 discoveries of 2020 (From some ethnocentric perspective or other...)

Tophet - offerings (Gold not children!)

Torbjörn Skånberg tolkar en hällristning

Torka drev oss ut ur Östafrika för 70 000 år sedan

Toro Muerto findings Wari culture

Totem and Tribe

Totem Pole About the six types


Traces of early humans found in Ba Be National Park, Vietnam (Tham Kit Cave and Tham Mya Cave)

Traces of war in ancient Lydia

Tracing the ancestors movements through discarded ostrich egg shells

Trade and the ancient humans

Trade in ancient high-latitude Arctic

Trade networks as important then as they are now

Traditional Igbo Sociopolitical Organization

Treasure map?

Tree Herders in the Amazons

Triangular ceremonial masks been found in other places as well - not just Asia/East Asia but from completely different cultures!

Triquet Island OMG!

Trojans! Didn't see that one coming.

Tsampa/Barley must have grown better, than other grain, in the Tibetan landscape

Tularosa Basin 23 000 years ago

Tunnel beneath the place of the dead

Tuqan man and the emotional dilemma of displaying forefathers in museum monters


Turkish museums

Two distinct Palaeolithic populations in british isles

Two million years old stone tools

Tyrrhenian Traders

Ugarits arkitektur Intressant bild av Baal med stridsklubba (samma typ som egyptisk stridsklubba?)

Ukok Petroglyphs

Ukrainian megasite Are you telling the truth now?

Ulucak Höyük

Ulucak Mound: 7 700 year old figurines


Umm an-Nar Bronze Age culture

Umm Jirsan cave

Underground religion of Neolithic Italy Milo

Understanding ancient african people via DNA

Understanding Haiti

Undisturbed Roman sarcophagus in North-eastern France

Unearthed North Irish archeology 2015 - 2018

Unis seizes the sky and splits its iron

Unknown Kushan script deciphered

Unknown tool-makers

Unteruhldingen Stilt Village

Untouched 2100 year old Galilean farm

Untouched Silla Royal Tombs

Up To Half Million People Once Lived on Now-Submerged Northwest Shelf of Sahul

Upper Tibet and its Gods


Ur-Nammus law

Urukagina and his reforms He wanted to protect the people, protect the weak against the strong

Uråldrig helig bollsport

Utgrävningarna i Çatalhöyük (världens första stad)

Utvecklingen av global handel i bilder Kaurisnäckorna saknas - annars väldigt bra o lättbegriplig

UVC history Milo



Vajda on Ket language structure


Walking upright

War and peace on the Standard of Ur

War in Stone Age Farming Europe

Warfare and economic downturns

Wari empire dig with lasers

Wari-temple complex found in Peru

Warring states royal tomb

Warrior and sacrifice

Water purification in ancient Maya City (Surmised)

We are ancient snail-eaters

We did not kill all the mammuths - we're not totally guilty!

Weighing systems spread - maybe the traders had more interconnection with each other than with the "nations" they belonged to

Well, mystery solved then : (

Well, one would surmise they were traders? (Tocharians)

Venus figurines - What do they mean (Milo/Dirtpod)

Venus of Willendorfs Italian origin

Were romans short or not? Metatron

Very ancient Chinese laquerware People in China must have understood the use of Anacardiaceae oil for a very long time

Very ancient Denisovan bone fragments found

VERY ancient elephant bone tools

Very ancient leather smothing tool

Very early clothing industry ; )

Very old Celadon Kiln - maybe one of the first?

Very old Conch with red dots

Very old octopus traps found at Mariana islands

Very old West African plant-based cuisine

Western Saharan findings - very exciting

What are these enormous piles of Mammoth bones? Milo

What can we learn from this huge study of ancient neanderthal DNA? Stefan Milo

What did we have for dinner 70 000 years ago...?

What happens when you spend more time on the ground? Answer: You evolve as a species ; )

What lost book of the dead?

What Was Life Like in Ancient Mesopotamia? MiniMinuteman

What's the meaning of Stonehenge British Museum

When did we start wearing clothes?

When Diversity of Life on Earth Tripled GEO GIRL

When giant fungi ruled

When humans hunted giant cows

When Humans Vanished From Britain for 15,000 Years

When modern Eurasia was born

When the dogs came to America

When we became farmers we lost our strength We need to hunt and gather a bit more!

When we met other humans

When Vineyards bloomed in Sudan

Where were Sodom and Gomorrah situated?

White mountain

White Sands Milo

Who Invented The Spear & When? Milo (I wish he wouldn't make all these vulgar jokes - otherwise he's such a brilliant narrator)

Who we are and why

Why did our brains shrink? Three theories Milo

Why don't you name the farmer who helped you? He deserves an eloge Türkmen-Karahöyük-finding

Vi har alltid förändrat planeten - t.o.m. i början av vår spridning över jorden

Vi har säkert domesticerat oss själva precis som vi domesticerat våra husdjur De snälla ska ärva jorden som Jesus sa (han kanske var en briljant iakttagare i första hand snarare än profet)

Vi två är en Vårt ursprung i Afrika var litet... splittrat.

Viking disease inherited from Neanderthals?

Will there be DNA from Harappa age village? One would like to know more about the gravegoods

Vinca Culture Dan Davis

Wiradjuri people sacred tree

Virgins of the Sun

Virtual reality and ancient sites

Virus as Warfare (Homo Sapiens vs Homo Neanderthalensis)

Wishful thinking then, or...?

Witness to Ancient Roman Trades Development

Voices from the past

Voices of the past

Wolf rites of winter

Wolf to dog A Theory

Woman of Asikli


Wooden Pallisade of Avebury

Woolly mammoth cells (some scientists should have their heads examined)

World history textbook

World of Antiquity

World of Antiquity

World of the Griffin Warrior

Worlds oldest axe

Worlds oldest lipstick

Votive offering to Zeus - a bull figurine

Votive Offerings?

Votive offerings?

Voynich manuscript

Vráble-Ve'lke Lehemby

Vår spridning ut från Afrika

Våroffer man minns

Väldigt gammalt tuggummi - inte första gången ett sådant hittats...

Västergötlands museum

Xia dynasty palace complex



Y Pestis 5000 years ago Isn't that about the time the Yamnaya spread into Europe?

Yamnaya, Northern peoples and Multiple sclerosis Maybe it's got to do with a defence against a tic-disease (Tics often hang on cattle)

Yarim Lim History with Cy

Yazilikaya - lunisolar calendar

Yelagiri - nomadic tools - worshiped

Yen Bai

Yerkapi tunnel hieroglyphs

Yesilova Höyuk statuette

Yuchuan Cave Pottery

Yunnan Cave



Zakhiku (Maybe)

Zambratija boat

Zanzibar Stone Town


Zapotec temple

Zapotec underworld with labyrinth

Zeleniy Yar - a trading post

Zeleny Yar

Zerzevan castle

Zeugma of the Black Sea

Zippalanda found


Zodiac in ancient egyptian temple


Öga mot öga med forntiden Historiska museet

Ötzi and the Copper Age World Dan Davis

Ötzi had dark skin and male pattern baldness

Ötzis stomach and the bacteria

Ötzis tattoos

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