KULTUR<-- Kulturarkiv

ALMA Prize Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award // Bruno K // Kafka and the texts // Poesi // Poetry Foundation // Polar Music Prize // Right livelihood award // Sommartid och Vintertid


I'm tired of the war. I want the kind of life I had before

Joan of Arc I'm tired of the war. Want the kind of work I had before

Men Bara Om Min Älskade Väntar

Nelson Mandela Day


What did he do?




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African History // Archaeologica // Humans and color of the skin // Nordisk historia // On this day in history Time and Date


Human diet since the dawn of time

How far did Rome explore

Mysterious children's graves in Norway 800-200 b.c. Intricate stone circles found to contain remains of children

North-American stonehenge

Runa över Madeleine Ramel

Roman surgical tools

Not everyone died of the plague 5200 years ago Could they've been killed by the Yamnaya?


SAMTID <-- Samtidsarkiv

Beyoncé: BeyGOOD // Drought list // Earthquake Track // European Roma Rights Center // F A O // Gates Foundation // Global Girls Alliance // Human Rights Watch // Hunger Map // Juan Cole // Nobel Peace Prize // Nobel Prize // OCHA // Om du hamnar hos kronofogden - vad händer? // Reliefweb // Riktiga getbanken/Goat Bank/Ziegebank // The Olof Palme Prize // The Tech for Global Good // Trevor Noah Foundation


Peter Thiel

Falun Gong/Epoch times, Guo Wengui & Bannon What a combination

Daily Star News from Bangla

81 killed in 24 hours

He blames someone else to stop russians from using bitcoin or?

Nuclear Reactor Malfunction Leaves Millions of Russians Without Power

Ännu en politiker som inte förstått sitt uppdrag


RELIGION <-- Religionsarkiv

Gudar (Listor på gudar i olika kulturer)

Kalendrar/Calendars (Olika slags religiösa kalendrar, kalendrar som visar himmelsfenomen etc.)

Månens lägen 2024 // Equinoxes and solstices


Asalha Puja

Guru Purnima Hinduism

Selassie's Birthday Rastafari



The Feast of the Dormition of Our Most Holy Lady Orthodox Christians


Paul and Jesus at Odds

Temple vs Mosque

On the rising of the Pleiades Hawai'i

Pleiades Heliacal Rising



Seth Myers


Liberal Redneck

Jon Stewart Tackles the RNC and Trump Assassination Attempt

Make America Safe Again?

Liberal Redneck - JD Vance Ain't It



INTERNT FLAMS // Privat Gabble



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