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ALMA Prize Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award // Bruno K // David Hogg // Greta Thunberg // Led By Donkeys // Mike // Mytpodden // Poesi // Poetry Foundation // Polar Music Prize // Ramon Contreras // Requiem // Right livelihood award // Save Ralphie // Swan Lake


Top African Festivals 2023

Festivals in Iceland 2023

Festivals in Europe 2023

Best Music Festivals in Asia 2023

South-American Music Festivals 2023

Rock in Rio

Karaoke venues - removing obstacles



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African History // Archeologica News // Humans and color of the skin // Nordisk historia // On this day in history Time and Date // The same Genetic Background for both the Jewish Israeli and the Arab Palestinians Ethnic culture is really just makeup


Queen Hetephere's silver bracelet and the Trade Networks in Ancient Egypt

153 000-Year-Old Homo sapiens Footprint Discovered in South Africa

Alaric the Goth and the Sack of Rome

First crusade against the Romans

Experimental Archaeology

Stockholms blodbad och Handelspolitik

Ancient trade networks Europe-Asia


SAMTID <-- Samtidsarkiv

Beyoncé: BeyGOOD // Drought list // Earthquake Track // European Roma Rights Center // Expo // F A O // Gates Foundation // Global Girls Alliance // Human Rights Watch // Hunger Map // If Not Now Movement // Juan Cole // Kyiv Post // LÅT TANTEN VARA, ERA DJÄVLA MONSTER! // Moscow Times // Nobel Peace Prize // Nobel Prize // OCHA // Reliefweb // Riktiga getbanken/Goat Bank/Ziegebank // Survivors Network // The Olof Palme Prize // The Right Livelihood Award // The Tech for Global Good // UN News Centre // UNICEF


Bola Tinubu

Violence and hunger in Sudan

Operator Starsky

YAM News from Moldova

Manipur needs peace

Sloppy handling

Public Healthcare in South Africa


RELIGION <-- Religionsarkiv

Gudar (Listor på gudar i olika kulturer)

Kalendrar/Calendars (Olika slags religiösa kalendrar, kalendrar som visar himmelsfenomen etc.)


Heliga Trefaldighets Dag

Buddha Day

Martyrdom of Guru Arjan

First Nations Day


Litha (Neo-pagan)

John the Baptist (Wiki)

Mandaeans revere John the Baptist



Period and an understanding partners

Brand unsafe

Friend who can't show affection

Xavier Riddle and The Secret Museum

Liberty's Kids

The only people who can’t hate on marvel movies

Every Kdrama Chase Scene looks like


INTERNT FLAMS // Privat Gabble



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